Types of Houses



Taking Advantage of Nature

We insert numerous pipes, called an earth loop, under the house which takes energy from the Earth and converts to our use. Geothermal pumps do not burn fossil fuel, instead they transfer heat to and from the Earth. Additionally, Geothermal units do not require maintenance and can last for decades.

Earthsip Bioshelter

Minimalistic and Magnificent

By utilizing old tires and recycled metal we are able to build a simple house with all the basic necessities. Water is collected from rain and purified for everyday use and most of our Earthsips are fitted with solar panels for energy consumption. Earthsips use passive cooling and heating by utlizing the temperature around the house and creating a comfortable environment for you.


Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

We calculate the necessary amount of solar panels needed for a home based on your average electric use so you never run out. We then insert solar panels and run electrical cables throughout the house, ensuring optimal electrical output. In conjuction with our low prices, the tax credits Michigan offers further reduces the price of solar panels.