Challenges with Insurance

As many homeowners purchase homeowners’ insurance, those purchasing a green home must specifically look for a policy pertaining to green homes, and as this idea of green homes are relatively new, many insurance companies may reject owners of the basis of the fact that their home is considered a green one. Polices and discounts are available, but they are few and hard to find.


Challenges with Zoning

Zoning codes are especially strict when it comes to building houses but when it comes to green homes it can get especially difficult. Many zoning laws are outdated an have not expanded to include green homes like density compartments, parking spaces and mixed use of zoning. When building environmentally friendly homes this can be exceedingly difficult to overcome.

Home Associations

Challenges with Home Associations

Green homes have been gaining popularity as the rise of climate change awareness has been growing, but many home associations make it difficult for many home-buyer to purchase green homes as they are viewed as expensive and many are avoiding purchasing these types of homes.


Challenges with Technology

New and improved technology is what advances the creation of environmentally friendly homes, but at the same time technology can pose as a challenge that designers must overcome. The biggest issue is with making it as technologically advanced while still making it affordable to the average person. Plus new technology must be tested to prove its efficiency compared to other products which can make this an obstacle to be overcome in the process of creating green homes.


Challenges with Permits

Going green for many homeowners may sound like a fantastic idea, but there are many regulations that one must follow. One important one is the permits required for green homes. They supply a list of requirements needed to create a green home and for many this list might seem like a pain. One must follow all permit regulations of the local and state authorities as well as government ones like the EPA. Following permits are a big part of home construction but an even bigger part for ecofriendly homes and for many this might seem like a hassle.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Challenges with EPA

The environmental protection agency is a large agency with a vast amount of regulations. Building green homes requires lots of planning and approval to make sure they meet the requirements. This could be challenging for those building green homes as they would have to meet standards to be considered green home.