Puts a Lesser Strain on the Environment

Building greener houses has many positive environmental benefits. They reduce water bills as it is more effeceints. It also helps reduce the amount of energy that is consumed by a home. An example of this is solar power panels with help increase the amount of renewable energy instead of natural gas. Cleaner homes overall decreases one’s carbon footprint which can help slow the amount of carbon emissions a house hold consumes and releases into the environment. Allowing for better technology helps reduce the amount of waste that is created.


Health Benefits

Green homes are built with better and equipment and are made with less toxic materials compared to other homes and as a result have safer air. During construction toxic chemicals are emitted into the air and can get into homes. Special health issues like asthma can be reduced through design of special materials to make them hypoallergenic. Plus greener homes are built with better ventilation that release combustion properly and make homes safer and healthier.

Cost Effectiv

Low Operation Costs and Maintaince

Environmentally friendly options are proven to be much more cost effective as they are more advanced and require less maintained. They also require less energy to work and in turn can help save money. For example, LED lightbulbs use anywhere from 25% to 80% less energy and last 3 to 25 times longer than traditional lightbulbs. When calculated it is estimated that during an energy efficient lightbulb’s lifetime it will save $45 per bulb. This is just one example of an environmentally friendly solution that is cost effective.